Selling your expert time

& tired of repeating yourself constantly?

Even if you’ve been trying (and getting nowhere) for years


“Tamryn is one of the most experienced course launchers in South Africa...

WARRICK KERNES, Insake eCommerce Academy




You can stop trading time for money with an asset that does the heavy lifting for you. Here's how:



I’ve been creating courses for adults for 18 years.  And launching and selling them online for 6. My team and I are obsessive about making the complex, simple.


I remove the fog of options and give you a step-by-step actionable plan to get your course out into the world in the shortest time possible, with the least hold up and hassle.



...don't just take it from me


'With our first product, we made way more than we had to pay Tamryn'


'If you're thinking about designing a digital product and need help, I highly recommend working with Tamryn and her team. Her process is brilliant, you will not regret it'


Graeme Codrington, Speaker, Author and Futurest


'We made over 100% increase in sales'


'Working with Tamryn has taught me so much. I never would have understood just how much goes into launching a digital program. It's brutal, but worth it'


Nic Haralambous, Speaker, Author and Business Expert


'I have been privileged to work with Tamryn a bunch of times'


'She is so fluid and elegant at getting the genius in the room out of the people in the session. I look forward to working with her again.'


John Sanei, Speaker, Author and Futurist

ListenI get it ...



You’ve  bought all the $1997 programs, you’ve tried to figure out how to connect all the pieces.


Only to find out, there is another piece you’re missing. It’s like a never ending puzzle that’s never complete.



But, there are so many parts, you’ve fallen behind.



The tech feels like an overwhelming mountain (and, it can be if you don’t know what you don’t know).


Exactly what to do, in which order and when is the missing part for you.


And, without knowing what step to take and how… you’ve felt like giving up.



More than once!



A small (but fierce) part of you knows that it is worth persisting. That you can get it right. You can have an information product asset. You deserve to set yourself up to stop trading your time for money.



So, let’s get you on track, finally.






Shew! Thank Goodness...


'I've created a profitable digital product'


'Two years ago I had a strategy session with Tamryn and it set me in an entirely different direction that I had originally thought. I highly recommend working with Tamryn at any point in your course creation journey.'


Justin Cohen, Speaker, Author and Presenter


'It's intimidating! But, I've done it. Thank you'


'I'm a seasoned professional, but not at this. It's a totally new skillset. I hate you, Tamryn, for pushing me to my limits. At the same time, I am so grateful to finally have a profitable digital program.'


Zanele Mbokazi, Speaker, Author and Coach

'After 6 years of trying, I finally had my breakthrough'


"Tamryn is a master at facilitating unstructured thinking into a framework that enables you to make substantial progress in a short time and meet your goals."


Estelle van Wyk , Coach and Creative Business Expert

If you’re an industry expert

(speaker, coach, author, practitioner, consultant) …


First step? Get your ducks in a row.


Decide who you serve, how you serve them and how you will build an audience of buyers.


Book an intensive, action-driven VIP morning with me as we map out your personal digital course launch strategy

Tech is terrifying. 


Get the tech off your plate entirely by letting me team set up your systems or have me as your wing woman, on speed dial, as you build out your own pages and course membership site.


Book your tech solution today

Choose the Rolls-Royce.


Have an experience and expert team do everything for you so you can show up and teach, stress-free.


Apply for myself and my team to launch your digital course for you, taking every piece of the puzzle into our hands


'In less than 14 days, I went from zero to launched'


"Not only does Tamryn know her stuff, she's an absolutely joy to work with.

I had no idea just how much went on behind-the-scenes and am so grateful to have had Tamryn's team take over the reigns so I could focus on my own zone of genius and serve my clients."


Ann Becks , Coach and Health Care Expert


'Working with Tamryn has been unbelievably beneficial'


"I started from scratch and am not tech-savvy. And, most importantly, Tamryn never made me feel dumb. Work with Tamryn, she'll give you the confidence and tools that you need."


Vannesa Forero Morales , Mental Health Expert & Institute Owner


'I struggled for 2 years, and in 14 days Tamryn turned it around'


"Tamryn and her team are amazing. I made sales straight out the gate. The best investment I have ever made in my business, by far. Work with Tamryn, you will not regret it."


Karen Wilmot , Health Care Expert

Not sure what kind of help you need?

Grab your quick decision guide where I take you through as assessment based on your time and budget available

You've put in the timenow...



All your decades of hard work are about to pay off.


But, there is no need to re-invent the wheel(You're already too busy as it is).


You've mastered your area of expertise, don't try to also become a master digital marketer, course designer and tech genius.


That's why I'm here... 



'Tamryn has helped me so much over the years'


"Tamryn has become my business bestie. I've worked with her in so many ways over the years. She's helped me outsource to build my business and with webinar strategy that's make me serious moolah."


Michelle Smit , Digital Business Expert


'Tamryn introduced me to selling online courses'


"I highly recommend working with Tamryn. She is passionate about the industry and is always on top of every important strategy and trend. She has taught me so much over the years."


Gilan Gork , Persuasion Expert, Author and Speaker


'I floundered without step-by-step guidance'


"With Tamryn as my wing woman, I know exactly what I am working on from week to week and have grown my niche list from zero to hundreds in a few short weeks."


Joy Chimombe  , Golfing Body Expert

You are not alone, almost everyone...




How would you like to watch some inspiring interviews with my clients and colleagues who share 'no holds barred' truth about building their own digital businesses?



Access them below... 


No matter how accomplished you are in your industry, this stuff is hard

You can't afford to waste any more time, or risk reputation.

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